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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Control Techniques in Experimental ResearchIntroductionoDifferential influence when the influence of an extraneous variable is different for the various groupsoMethod of difference if groups are equivalent on every variable except for one then that one variable is the cause of the difference between the groupsControl Techniques Carried Out at the Beginning of the ExperimentoRandomization random assignment most important and basic of all the control methods its a probabilistic control technique designed to equate experimental groups at the start of an experiment on all extraneous variables both known and unknownRandom assignment of participants to the experimental groups assures that each participant has an equal chance of being assigned to each groupRandom assignment produces control by virtue of the fact that all variables present in a group of participants will be distributed in approximately the same manner in all groupsoMatching using any of a variety of techniques for equating participants on one or more variablesWhen random assignment is not possible matching can be an effective technique to equate groups if the researcher has the information required for matchingMatching variable the extraneous variable used in matchingThe strength of matching is that it ensures that participants in the different groups are equated on the matching variablesThe key weakness of matching is that the groups are equated only on the matching variablesMatching by Holding Variables ConstantAll participants in each treatment group will have the same degree or type of extraneous variableCreates a more homogenous participant sample because only participants with a certain amount or type of the extraneous variable are included in the participant pool
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