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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3Job AnalysisElement the smallest unit of work activityPressing a button to start a machineTaskwork activity that is performed to achieve a specific objectivemultiple elements joined together taskPositionAn individuals place in the organization defined by tasks performedJob analysisThe process of defining a job in terms of its component tasks or duties and the knowledge or skills required to perform themJob Oriented TechniquesJob orientedfocuses on describing the various tasks that are performed on the jobDictionary of Occupation Titles DOTa tool developed by the Dpt Of Labor in the 1930s that has been used to classify occupation and jobs consisting of narrative descriptions of tasks duties and working conditions of about 12k jobsTask Inventory Tasks statements are generated by experts who are Approachfamiliar with the job in question SMEsubject matter expertsCan use the current employee staffFunctional Job A highly structured joboriented approach developed by AnalysisSidney Fine in which data are obtained about what tasks a worker does and how those tasks are performedRelevant task questions for the job at handStatements rated in regard of data people and thingsFocuses on the interactions and the complexity of interactionsDatacognitiveThingstrength speed coordinationPeoplecourtesy patience understanding mentoringWorker Oriented Techniques
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