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Chapter 3

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1Chapter 3 Birth and the Newborn InfantLabor The Process of Birth BeginsLabor typically begins p approx 266 days p conceptionLabor begins when hormones like oxytocin are releasedUterus begins 2 contract Contractions force fetus slowly down birth canal3 Stages of Laborst1 Stage Longest StageContractions r 810 mins apartlast about 30 secs eaToward end of labor contractions come every 2 minslastalmost 2 minsTransitionFinal part of Stage 1dialation of cervix 2 approx 10 centimeters allows babys head 2 pass thru cervix 2 birth canalnd2 Stage Lasts usu 90 mins or so Babys head emerges further from mother wea contraction this increases size of vaginal openingCrowningtop of babys head emerges from motherStage 2 ends with complete passage of the babyrd3 Stage Shortest stagelasts a few mins Occurs when placentaumbilical cord expelled from motherLabor usu takes 1624 hoursthere are variationsstLonger for 1 time mothers shorter 4 subsequent birthsWhy do babies cry at birthSpontaneous actallows them 2 clear fluid from lungs can then start 2 breathe on ownAPGAR ScaleStandard measurementlooks for indicators of good health in neonate newborn5 IndicatorsSkin color Pulse Grimace Activity and RespirationScores range from 0 2 on each indicatorLow scores equate wmore distressScore under 7might require help 2 start breathing AnoxiaResults from complications during birth processRestriction of oxygen If lasts a few minscognitive deficits language delays even MR BondingPreviously sd necessary immediately pbirth 4 hlthy developmtNow developmental psychos say lack of scientific evidence 4 thisstNot saying is not imptjust not as detrimental as 1 thoughtNo lingering reactions due 2 separationeven if occurred 4 several daysGood news 4 those who adopt2
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