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Textbook Notes for Kahr

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NYUCHEM-UA 225KahrFall

Summary of Ch. 1

OC3394645 Page
21 Oct 2014
Essential skills and details: writing lewis dot structures for atoms, ions, and neutral molecules, determination of formal charge, writing resonance fo
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NYUCHEM-UA 225KahrFall

Lab 1: Recrytallization

OC33946413 Page
21 Oct 2014
These changes should not be interpreted as the beginning of the melting process. Includes melting point, boiling point, index of refraction, density, s
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NYUCHEM-UA 225KahrFall

CHEM-UA 225 Chapter Notes -Separatory Funnel, Stopcock, Miscibility

OC3394646 Page
21 Oct 2014
75: extraction - a common technique for isolating and purifying the product of a chemical reaction a. Involves transferring a solute from one solvent i
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