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Pennsylvania State University
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Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

Jazz 1/30/14 • Blues- incorporates many individual styles in their own way. • Origin of blues are said to be in the 19th century. • Slaves looking for notes in the western scales, cant find it, so they added different notes to Crete different sounds • Blues are sung by individuals rather than groups. • AAB structure - completes pattern completes one chorus. o Each phrase lasts for 4 measures. (A, A, B) st nd rd o 1 phrase, one chord. 2 phrase 2 chords. 3 phrase, 3 chords o Adds up to 12 measures, typical blues music. o First two measures could be sung by the singer, and the last two measures could be play by the instruments, also called filled in. • The blues are sung by major keys – music that is more upbeat and happy • The lyrics are written in iambic pentameter • Blue is the color that is associated with sadness, because of Queen Elizabeth. • “The blues” was first used in 1807 from Washington Irving. • Country Blues – Sung almost entirely by men and solo singers maybe accompany by guitar or piano. Laid back tempo. o City or Urban Blues – Almost exclusively female, More instruments, tempos are more aggressive and more emotions. • Second blues period: 1930s – present. • Blues singers : o Country Blues singers  Robert Johnson, Josh White, blind lemon Jefferson, Huddie Ledbetter(Leadbelly), Son House, Lightnin Hopkins o Urban Blues Singers  Ma rainey,
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