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HP 242Elaine LarsenSpring

HP 242 Chapter 3: nutrition macronutrients

Viva Garcia10 Page
26 Mar 2019
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HP 131Dr. Elaine LarsenSpring

HP 131 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Lipid Raft, Fluid Mosaic Model, Lipid Bilayer

Viva Garcia8 Page
18 Mar 2019
Cell: basic structural and functional unit of living organisms. All cells composed mostly of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen (chon) Separates in
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HP 127T. H. ReynoldsSpring

HP 127 Chapter Notes - Chapter 17: Buffy Coat, Blood Plasma, Red Blood Cell

Viva Garcia7 Page
20 Mar 2019
Blood is a specialized connective tissue in which living blood cells (formed elements) are suspended in nonliving fluid matrix (plasma)-- lacks collage
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