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Honors Chapter 1IWhy study research methods and data analysisaScientific methodgeneral expression for the methodology of science or a systemic research approach or outlook emphasizing the use of empirical reasoning bRicher appreciation of the info around usway of life is largely the creation of science and technologycNot clearly understanding how researchers cast and address questions sometimes costs us dearlydAcquire info and skills you can use later eLearn about the limits of particular studies and methodsIIWhat alternatives are there to the scientific methodaCharles Sanders Peircethe scientific method is one among four distinctive approaches to explaining thing and providing a foundation for strongly held beliefs fixation of beliefsiMethod of tenacity most primitive1Bound by tradition and involves clinging stubbornly to claims or beliefs merely because they have been around for a while 2Go through life excluding anything that might challenge or alter their thinking believe only theyre opinions are right3Still has a hold on many peoples convictions and superstitions
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