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Chapter 4

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PSY 2991

Honors Chapter 4IWhat is meant by systematic observationaSystematic observationobservation thats guided or influenced by preexisting questions or hypotheses and that also follows a particular plan or involves a system that can be evaluated on the basis of accepted scientific standardsbObservationmeans that the researcher is viewing or noting a fact or an occurrence for a scientific purposescSystematicobservation follows a particular plan or system and can therefore be evaluated by means of technical standardsdMethodological triangulationzeroing in on phenomena of interest from more than one vantage point or methodological perspective eQuantitative researchthe empirical approach emphasizes numerical datafQualitative researchon spoken words prose descriptions of behavior and pictorial recordsIIHow do researchers simultaneously participate and observeaParticipant observationthe participant refers to the investigator as opposed to the research participants Festinger cult study bOne possible limitation of this research is observation bias because the observer overestimates or underestimates an event or sees something thats not therecUsing more than one observer is a traditional way of identifying discrepancies in observations
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