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Conducting Research 5

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Temple University
PSY 3791
Pamela Shapiro

Conducting Research Chapter 5IChoosing specific variables for your studyaScientific observations are systematicsystematic observation involves making decisions about what how and when to make observationsbObservations of behavior are made under controlled conditions using operational definitions of the variable of interestcWhen choosing variables for your study you should be guided in your choice by research tradition in the area of study theory the availability of new techniques or measures and the limits imposed by the equipment available to youdAlso need to be concerned with the characteristics of the measure including its reliability its validity and the level of measurement it representsIIChoosing your measuresaReliability of a measureiReliabilityconcerns its ability to produce similar when results when repeated measurements are made under identical conditionsiiReliability of a physical measureassessed by repeatedly measuring a fixed quantity of the variable and using the observed variation in measured value to derive the precision of the measure which represents the range of variation to be expected on repeated measurement
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