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Chapter 2

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MGT 300
Eric Williams

Chapter Two-Management Theory 1) Eric’s management style leads him to focus on training his team, improving customer satisfaction, and continuously improving the quality of his organization’s products and services. Eric uses total quality management. 2) Which of the following is NOT one of the four components of TQM? Focus on training workers on a current system instead of changing the system. +++ 3) Which of the following would be considered characteristics of Theory Y workers? Accepting of responsibility; Capable of self-direction; Imaginative and creative. ++ 4) Define quality. Refers to the total ability of a product or service to meet customer needs. 5) True or False: A supervisor who considers her employees to be unwilling to learn new things is a Theory Y manager. True. They represent a pessimistic and negative view of workers. 6) The classical viewpoint emphasized finding ways to manage work more efficiently, and had two branches: scientific and administrative. 7) Indicate which disciplines are considered to be behavioral sciences. Sociology; Economics; Psychology 8) Identify Frederick W. Taylor. Called the “father of scientific management” and developer of motion studies of work. 9) Taylor thought that scientific principles should be used to plan the work methods and ease the way for workers to do their jobs. 10)Which of the following are components of TQM? Listen to and learn from customers; Make continuous improvement a priority; Get every employee involved. 11)According to Douglas McGregor, the belief that workers are capable of accepting responsibility, self-direction, and self-control was called Theory Y. 12)The two theorists who contributed the most to the human relations movement were Abraham Maslow and Douglas McGregor, who developed the Theory X and Theory Y concepts. 13)True or False: A closed system continually interacts with the external environment. False. 14)The two branches of the classical viewpoint are: administrative management, and scientific management. 15)According to Max Weber, a better performing organization should have which one of the following positive bureaucratic features? A clear division of labor. 16)Which of the following follows Mary Parker Follett’s recommendation to managers? Managers should work cooperatively with employees. 17)Which of the following are parts of a system? Transformation process; Feedback; Outputs; Inputs 18)Which management viewpoint asks this question: “What method is the best to use under these particular circumstances?” Contingency. 19)Bringing rationality to the decision-making process is a major aim of which type of management? Evidence-based management. 20)The quality-management viewpoint includes which three of the following concepts? Quality control; Quality assurance; Total quality management. 21)Administrative is concerned with managing the total organization. 22)According to Max Weber, a better performing organization should have five positive characteristics. Which of the following are included in Weber’s characteristics? Careers based on merit; a clear division of labor; A well-defined hierarchy of authority; Formal rules and procedures. 23)True or False: Operations research was used during World War 2 to establish the optimum pattern in which search planes should fly to try to locate enemy ships. True. 24)True or False: Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy of human needs in an effort to explain motivation. True. 25)Management science stresses the use of rational, science-based techniques and mathematical models to improve decision making and strategic planning. 26)Which of the following contemporary perspectives focused on quality control, quality assurance, and total quality management? Quality - management viewpoint. 27)Which management viewpoint placed emphasis on the importance of understanding human beings and the motivation and encouragement of employees toward achievement? Behavioral viewpoint. 28)Indicate which items are considered inputs into a system. Raw materials, people, equipment, money. 29)Theory X- Theory X represents a pessimistic, negative view of workers. Under Theory X, workers are considered to be irresponsible, resistant to change, lacking in ambition, opposed to work, and expecting to be led rather than to lead. 30)The human relations movement theorist w
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