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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

March 7, 2014 Attributions Bad behavior? • External elicits more empathy Good behavior? • Internal makes us like them more Not always straightforward • EX. Why did Justin Bieber assault the limo driver? o He’s a jerk (internal) vs. he was drunk (external) o …but aren’t these both internal states? o He isn’t drunk all the time o Consistency is important Attributions o Inferences about the causes of behavior and events Important distinction: internal (person) vs. external (situation) Kelley’s (1972) Covariation Model • How we make attributions 3 types of info we use: EX. student sleeps in class 1. Consensus • Does everyone act this way toward stimulus? 2. Consistency • Does this person act this way toward the same stimulus at other times/in other situations? 3. Distinctiveness • Does the person act this way only toward this particular stimulus? Why did the student fall asleep? 3 types of attributions beyond internal/external! External • Entity – object toward which behavior is directed o EX. • Circumstances – conditions under which event occurs o EX. the student didn’t sleep well last night. Internal • Person – Personality/ability o EX. the student is lazy Condition Consensus Consistency Distinctiveness Most Likely Attribution 1 Low: No other High: He has fallen Low: He falls Person – The students fall asleep in previous asleep in other student is lazy asleep in my class classes of mine professors’classes 2 High: Many High: He has fallen High: he does not Entity – My students fall asleep in previous fall asleep in other class is boring asleep in my class classes of mine professors’classes 3 Low: No other Low: He has not High: He does not Circumstances students fall fal
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