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Chapter 7

HEIP 144 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Interruption Marketing

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Course Code
HEIP 144
Jay Smith

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Unleash your Ideavirus
Ideas are driving the economy
Make people rich
Change the world
To win financially and gain power, people must:
Accept the idea
Embrace the concept
Adore you
Cherish the innovation
Idea must move, grow, infect, making it an ideavirus
Form of marketing
Ideas are the very base of competition
Must run amok in the target population
Good ideas spread on their own
Speed wins
Brands and products cannot develop the old way--not enough time
Some companies that developed long ago could rely on the long haul, but now
companies much rely on the “sizzle” of the product
Ideas are now carried on the ether
Can cross international boundaries
Can change discussions on economics, politics, education, and justice
Can optimize the spread of the idea
Some idea viruses are organic and can spread without intent
Interruption marketing used to sell products
Ads would interrupt people
Only a hope that they would buy something
Marketer was in complete control
Always works the same way
Ideavirus tip #1: Concentrate!
The message is most important
Focus on demographic, psychographic, and geographic groups
Six key steps for internet companies looking to build an online virus
Create something new for online users, or one that simulates an offline
Make idea go viral
Make competitors have to unteach your virus” before making their own
Make it more costly to switch from your ideavirus to the competitors
Build a relationship with the consumer
Create online experiences and spread new ideas viruses
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