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Chapter 7

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MUS 103
Michael Rowlett

I. Historical Perspective a. Excavations of the Roman cities Pompeii and Herculaneum, begun in the 18 century, are still in progress today b. Improvise: simultaneously invent and perform i. Frequently done by Greek musicians c. Greeks never wrote down their music so it was lost through the ages d. “Epitaph of Seikilos” i. greek drinking song that was found ii. text, pitches, and rhythmic signs were found carved on a tombstone II. Music in Greek Life a. Music included in general education system b. Important in Greek drama and religious rites c. Plato and Aristotle wrote about music a lot i. Agreed it had moral and ethical properties d. Generally monophonic in texturesimple melody line e. Singing/playing in harmony did not occur f. Instruments never crossed with human voices g. Lyre and aulos were ancient Greek instruments III. The Greeks’ Lasting Influence a. Music and Words i. Melody, rhythm, harmony, orchestra, organ, symphony, and chorus are all greek in origin 1. Also express Greek concepts of the meaning and purpose of music ii. Muses—goddesses of the arts iii. “musical” people were refined and well educated in a general sense iv. Greeks believed that their music accomplished the perfect union of words and music b. Stories and Myths i. Invented by gods for their own pleasure ii. Orpheus, the half-mortal son of Apollo, played the lyre that rocks were moved by his music iii. Pygmalion inspired a play by George
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