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22614Psych Chapter 11 Health and WellBeingPsychosocial FactorsHealthhealth psychology a field of psychology that integrates research on health and psychology to promote wellbeing wellbeing a positive state in which we have optimal health and life satisfactionsays that health is more than just the slowest possible rate at which one can diehealth psychology looks at howour attitudes and behaviors influence our health and well beingour emotions and personality influence our disease riskour social connections influence our healthwe cope with and control stressbiopsychosocial model a model of health that integrates the effects of biological behavioral and social factors on health and illnessviews health and illness as a combination ofbiological factors genotypepsychological behavioral factors lifestylesocial factors social support cultural influencessocial conditions environments cultural influences family relationships social supportbiological characteristics genetic predispositions exposure to germs brain and other nervous system development psychological factors thoughtsactions lifestyles stress health beliefsplacebo a drug or treatment that has no apparent physiological effect on the health condition for which is was prescribedplacebo effect improvement in a health condition following treatment with a placeboPlacebo Effectcriteria needed to be effectivemust physically match the actual drug it is mimickingperson must not know they are being treated with a placebothey must believe it will work pain perception is more than just sensory experiencetakes into account context expectations and thoughtsendogenous opioid system works to block pain perception your body releases endorphins to ease painplacebos may work by stimulating the bodys own systems to respond to pain Obesitymore than 1 in 3 US adults are considered obese as of 20092010 357169 of US children ages 219 are obese as of 20092010number has almost tripled since 1980in 2008 alone estimated 147 billion spent on obesityrelated medical costs10 of medical spendingwhat is being obesedefined as 20 over your ideal body weightwidely used measurement of obesity is the body mass index BMIratio of height to weight
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