EDUC 40 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Child Development Stages, Chemical Substance, Neurotransmitter

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6 Feb 2017

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Education 40 Chapter 2 2/05/17
Cognitive and Linguistic Development
Principles of Human Development
The sequence of development is somewhat predictable
Children develop at different rates
Development is often marked by period of relatively rapid growth
between periods of slower growth
Heredity and environment interact in their effects on development
Sensitive Periods- age range during which a certain aspect of a child's
development is especially susceptible to environmental conditions
Developmental milestones- appearance of a new, more advanced behavior
that indicated significant progress in a child's development
Role of the Brain
Neurons- cell in the brain or another part of the nervous system that
transmits information to other cells
Neurotransmitter- chemical substance through which one neuron
sends a message to another
Cortex- upper part of the brain, site of complex, conscious thinking
Plasticity- ability to reorganize in order to adapt to changing
Piaget Basic Assumptions
Children are active and motivated learners
Children construct rather than absorb knowledge
Children continually learn new things through two processes:
assimilations and accommodation
Assimilation- process of dealing with an object or event in a!
way that is consistent with an existing scheme
Accommodation- process of dealing with a new object or
event by either modifying an existing scheme or forming a new
Interactions with one;s physical and social environments are
essential for cognitive development
The process of equilibrium promotes progression toward
increasingly complex thoughts
In par as a result of maturational changes in the brain, children think
in qualitatively different ways at different ages
Stages of Cognitive Development
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