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Chapter 10b

PSY BEH 11C Chapter Notes - Chapter 10b: Daniel Goleman, Theory Of Multiple Intelligences, Social Skills

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Susan Charles

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Norton, Ch. 10b (pp. 199-208)
From Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman
The Rudiments of Social Intelligence
Thomas Hatch and Howard Gardner identify four separate abilities as components of
interpersonal intelligence based on the concept of multiple intelligences:
o Organizing groups
The essential skill of the leader
Deide hat eeroe’s goig to do
Involves initiating and coordinating the efforts of a network of people
Talent seen in effective heads of organizations and units of all kinds
o Negotiating solutions
The talent of the mediator
Settle arguments
Involves preventing conflicts or resolving those that flare up
Excel in deal-making, in arbitrating or mediating disputes
Might have a career in diplomacy, in arbitration or law, or as middlemen
or managers of takeovers
o Personal connection
Empathy and connecting
Get along with everyone else, easily enter into social
relationships, and are happy doing so
Tend to be best at reading emotions from facial expressions and
are most liked by their peers
Easy to enter into an encounter or to recognize and respond fittingly to
people’s feeligs ad oers
The art of relationships
Good tea plaers, depedale spouses, good frieds or usiess
o Social analysis
Being able to detet ad hae isights aout people’s feeligs, oties,
and concerns
This knowledge of how others feel can lead to an easy intimacy or sense
of rapport
Taken together, these skills are the stuff of interpersonal polish, the necessary
ingredients for charm, social success, even charisma
o Adeptness in social intelligence = ability to connect with people quite smoothly,
to be astute in reading reactions/feelings, to lead and organize, and to handle
the disputes that flare up in any human activity
o Natural leaders, emotionally nourishing
These interpersonal abilities build on other emotional intelligences
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