PET 3097 Chapter 2: Chapter2

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University of Central Florida
Physical Education Theory
PET 3097
Joseph Gordon

Chapter 2 Fitness Basics Physical activity any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles and requiring an energy expenditure beyond resting Exercise structured, planned, and repetitive physical activity that improves health and physical fitness Physical fitness bodys ability to function efficiently during physical activities Fitness Categories SkillRelated Physical Fitness Ability to play a game or sport Constitutes Agility Balance Coordination Speed Quick reactions HealthRelated Physical Fitness Contributes to good health Constitutes Body composition Cardiovascular fitness Muscular endurance Muscular strength Flexibility Body Composition Proportion of fat to lean tissue Fatfree mass name for lean tissue; cumulative mass of all body tissues except fat tissue Body Mass Index (BMI) formula for estimating body fat Equals weight in kilogramsheight in meters squared or (Weight in pounds x 703)height in inches People with the same BMI may not have the same body composition Physical activity improves body composition in the following ways: Fat is lost if caloric intake is held constant Regular exercise increases muscle and bone mass Helps prevent regaining unhealthy abdominal fat Cardiorespiratory Fitness Ability of the heart and lungs to work efficiently during sustained exercise bouts Aerobic exercise uses large muscle groups that increase heart rate and breathing rate for a sustained time period; improves cardiorespiratory fitness Anaerobic exercise short bursts of exercise that last less than three minutes Benefits of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Recommended exercise 2.5 hours of moderately intense aerobic exercise a week
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