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Chapter 11

EDUC341 Chapter 11: Chapter 11

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Dagher Zoubeida

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Chapter 11 - Making and Justifying Claims in a Science Community
Arguments - making claims, using multiple forms of evidence, and responding to
About competing explanations for phenomena
Statement about some event, process, or relationship in the natural world that
the claim’s author believes to be true
Not a restatement of trends in data
Justifying claims:
Citing evidence
Data becomes evidence only when it is used to support a claim
Data must be relevant and credible (so must the evidence you use
to support your claim)
Possible to use second-hand data
Using supportive reasoning
Reason with evidence to make their point
Talking about how evidence supports claim
At the end of the lesson, the teacher needs to ask students to sum up which
claims seem most credible and why, as well as ask if anyone changed their
minds in the process
Allow for students feedback and discussion of claims
Sentence frames can be given as support
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