MUSC101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 63-64: Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jerome Kern

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8 Feb 2017

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Chapter 63
Show Boat was a popular Jerome Kern musical from the 1920s
The fast-paced Afro-Cuban dance with a syncopated beat heard in The
Dance at the Gym in Bernstein’s West Side Story is called mambo
Plots for early musicals were often sentimental and contrived, but as the
genre grew older, composers began looking to more sophisticated literary
sources for their plots
With its roots in variety shows and operetta, the musical theater genre was
more light-hearted in its early phase.
Leonard Bernstein achieved fame with the New York Philharmonic when
he filled in for a guest conductor who was taken ill; he was 15 at the time
Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics for the musical West Side Story
The idea of a tragedy being set as a musical was unheard of until Leonard
Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's West Side Story
Prior to West Side, musicals were based on stories that were more light-
hearted than serious
Some contemporary musicals look back to the Classics for their source of
narrative material
Jonathan Larson’s Rent is the contemporary rock opera inspired by
Puccini’s La Boheme
Musical and its composer
The King and I - Rodgers and Hammerstein
Les Miserables- Claude-Michel Schonberg
Into the Woods- Stephen Sondheim
Cats- Andrew Lloyd Webber
Billy Elliot- Elton John
The Sound of Music- Rodgers and Hammerstein
South Pacific- Rodgers and Hammerstein
Oklahoma! - Rodgers and Hammerstein
American musical theater developed from operetta and variety show
The musical West Side Story is the result of collaboration between
composer Leonard Bernstein, lyricist Stephen Sondheim, and
choreographer Jerome Robbins
Bernstein’s union of jazz and musical theatre resulted in West Side Story
Sondheim lifted the genre of musical theater to new levels of sophistication
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