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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 09/26/2013 Salem Possessed Discussion  This weeks books try to explain why exactly it happened and why it grew so big  Salem Town v. Salem Village o Independence  Dispute between different families discussing how they wanted Salem to be run o Salem Village – Agricultural/Puritan lifestyle – Putnam Family o Salem Town – Economic growth – Porter Family  Traditional v. Modern  More witchcraft accusers near Salem Village while Defenders near Salem Town  Although accused witches live more in Salem Town o Seriously Salem Village folk where haters  SVF accused STF of being witches  Metaphor for traditional v. modern  Lashing out.  Puritans are way too providential th  Reason/Rationale was scarce amongst 17 Century Puritans  Why did certain accused witches confess? o Some received less sentencing  Think confessions like the Catholic church o “Er mah gahwd!!! I’m a witch and I didn’t know it?!?!?!” o A lot of the accused just caved under torture o Stockholm syndrome?  Think food wise: Some scholars hypothesize that Salem Witch Trials where caused by bad grain they had 1 AMH 2010 09/26/2013 Review of Lecture (9/24/2013)  Honestly just look over the lecture notes to use a backing to understand Salem Possessed  Open trade – NE colonies needed new supplies  Puritans stopped coming over from England o Civil War – King William and Queen Mary come into power o The Glorious Re
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