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Chapter 1

MAR4841 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Social Media Marketing, Earned Media, Gfk Entertainment Charts

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Sardashti, Hanieh

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Social Media Marketing Chapter 1
The role of Social Media Marketing
o Social media is growing by leaps and bounds
o Up to 2.13 billion social media users around the world
o Many businesses struggle with social media because they lack a definite plan
Start with an end in mind instead of creating a strategy and objectives
The advent of social media has posed a challenge to traditional marketing
Marketing budgets are increasingly focused on digital, and the jobs of
marketing professionals have changed as a result
What is SMM?
o Social Media Marketing the process of gaining website traffic or attention through
social media sites
Usually centered on efforts to create content that attracts attention and
encourages readers to share it with their social networks
Corporate message spreads from user to user and presumable resonates
because it appears to come from a trusted third-party source
o SMM has a number of important aspects
Creating buzz or newsworthy events, videos, tweets, or blog entries that
attracts attention and have the potential to become viral in nature
Buzz is what makes SMM work
o Replicates a message through user to user contact, rather than
the traditional method of purchasing an ad or promoting a press
o It emulates word of mouth in the physical world and
consequently can have a great deal of impact
It is important to point out that no one can control, or even do a good
job predicting, when a social media post will go viral
Building ways that enable fans of a brand or company to promote a message
themselves in multiple online social media venues
Corporations or brands can create pages on major social platforms
where they can offer followers information and promotions like
o Can reach huge audiences on these platforms
It is based around online conversations
Not controlled by the organizations, but encourages user participation
and dialog
Badly designed SMM Campaign can backfire on the organization
For a successful SMM Campaign, marketers must be fully engaged and
respect the user
Social media is a part of a larger ecosystem of owned, paid, and earned media,
which represents a way for marketers to leverage their own brand efforts

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o The internet gives brands their own opportunity to own their own media outlets ranging
from websites to social media platforms
o Paid media traditional advertising television, radio, print media, display, direct mail,
general consumers
o Owned Media Corporate website, campaign microsite blog, brand community,
Facebook fan page, mobile, Customers
o Earned Media Word of mouth, Facebook comments, twitter, blogs, review sites, Super
The Seven Myths of SMM
o 1 Social media is just a fad
Social media continues to grow by virtually any measure you use
Business want to invest their time and energy in marketing tools that will be
useful in the long term, versus wasting limited resources on flash in the pan
technology or a fad
The foundations of social media are built on age old concepts of community
socialization and WOM Marketing
The social component of social media has been part of human interactions since
the dawn of time
People are able to express their social impulses
The underlying premise of social media that are people are social and want to
connect with other people has been stable over time
People are able to connect with each other in a more efficient and
scalable way
The media of the internet continue to evolve at a rapid rate, providing new and
attractive means for people to interact
Social media will only expand in the foreseeable future, specific social
media platforms change considerable over time and other platforms
rise and fall in popularity
Social media marketer must be alert to ongoing change in the social
media environment
Marketers will focus on the platforms most used by their target audience
o 2 Social media is just for the young
Older users are one of the fastest growing demographics on social media
The age disparity in social media continues to exist
Young adults are still the most likely to be social media users, but use
among older adults
The growth in social media usage rates among older adults carries over into the
mobile sphere
The young are still the heaviest users of mobile social media as well as
the fastest growing groups of users
Social networks are increasingly being adopted by the older populations and are
becoming incredibly diverse with users spanning all age and income brackets
Most businesses can find their target consumers on social media sites
Should not simply try to appeal to a large heterogeneous audience
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