LATI 2010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Visu, Dative Case

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7 Feb 2017

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In propinquis urbi montibus = In the mountains neighboring the city
Word order tells us what word modifies what
Moratus est = He delayed
Perfect passive indicative
Cum aliquot ibi dies = When for some days there
Habuisset = He had had
Pluperfect active subjunctive
Capuam reverteretur = Was being turned back into Capua
Imperfect passive subjunctive
Obiecit = brought up
Perfect active indicative
Clausus locorum angustiis = Closed by narrow of places
Tried to block Hannibal in so that he could wear himself out
Detrimento exercitus = Detriment of army
Expedivit = untied
Perfect active indicative
Callidissimo imperatori = The most skilled commander
Also tells the reader that Hannibal is actually the most clever
Namque = For in fact
Obducta nocte = With night having been drawn
Sarmenta deligata = Brushwood having been tied up
In cornibus iuvencorum = On the horns of bulls
Incendit = Burned
Eiusque generis multitudinem = A great number of his people
Dispalatam = Having been wandered off
Immisit = He sent
Repentino obiecto visu = Suddenly having been brought up with sight
Iniecit = Threw
Egredi extra vallum = To pass outside the ramification
Ausus sit = Dared
Perfect passive subjunctive
Rem gestam = Military achievements
Magistrum equitum = Master of the cavalry
Pari ac dictatorem imperio = And with equal command of dictator
Dolo productum = With deceit having been brought up
Refers to how Hannibal was able to easily deceive Fabius
In insidias inductum sustulit = Lifted up into ambush having been led in
Quinquiens = Five times
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