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Applied Computing
Harry John

APCO 1P50 Monday September 24, 2012 Information Literacy & Surrounding Issues  Guest Lecturer: Tim Roberek  Focusing on first four chapters of “Intro to Information Literacy” textbook. o 2 copies on reserve in library.  Old and new strategies.  Goal: to give us skills past university. Agenda  Intro to Information Literacy  How do you find information?  How do you determine what kind of information it is?  How do you evaluate that information? Introduction  Google – most popular way to find information.  Matches patterns of text, can’t figure out meaning (for the most part) o works with simple searches (e.g. “Where’s the coffee shop?”, etc.) o More difficult with complicated queries. Information Literacy Defined  The adoption of appropriate information behaviour to identify, through whatever channel or medium, info well fitted to info needs, leading to wise and ethical use of information in society.  Information literacy is the set of skills needed to find, analyse and use information.  Broader – more specific (less time consuming. 1) Define need 2) Find info 3) Evaluate info 4) Organize info 5) Communicate info Finding  Modern search engines often understand context.  Wolfram Alpha  You can never be sure if your research tool understands your environment o e.g. “What’s the distance between Toronto and St. Catharines?”  Google may refer to hotel booking or a wiki page.  Wolfram Alpha uses specific measurements. Types of Information Literacy  Compute  Library  Media (i.e. the medium – print, graphics, best way to disseminate information)  Technology (what technological platform makes the most sense) Determining the Information You Need  Primary – firsthand accoun
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