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BCHM 3P01 Feb 7 20147 Phosphoglycerate Kinase First ATP generation for every 1 glucose this happens twice Phosphoryl transfer of acyl phosphate of 1 3 biphosphoglycerate to ADP ATP formation referred to as substrate level phosphorylation because the phosphate donor is a substrate with a high phosphoryl transfer potentialOverall for reaction 6 and 7 ATP is formed from Pi and ADP at the expense of carbon oxidation energy Remember that 2 molecules of GAP are oxidized here to form 2 ATP making up for the 2 ATP invested in stage 1break even pointEnergetics of overall GAPDHPGK reaction pair6 GAPPiNAD 1 3BPG NADHG67kJmol713BPG ADP3PG ATPG188kJmol G121kJmolGAPDH reaction endergonic but when coupled to exergonic phophoryl transfer reaction overall reaction is favourable13 BPG releases more energy in losing a phosphate than ATP8 Phosphoglycerate Mutase transfer of a functional group phosphoryl group from position 3 to position 2 Increases the phosphate transfer potential Wants to leave because its surrounded by a lot of steric hindrance and a lot of negative oxygens that will want to repel the phosphate group9 Enolase form the second high energy phosphoryl bond Dehydration reaction resulting in an enol very unstable and unfavourable
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