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Lecture 03 Fertilization

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Daniel Glenday

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Outline of Lecture 03 Fertilization, Preimplantation Development, and Implantation I. Fertilization 1) Penetration of corona radiata - Corona radiata is hyaluronic rich ECM; sperm has hyaluronidase - A Ca channel, CatSper, is required in sperm for penetration 2) Binding to zona pellucida - Zona pellucida is a coat of glycoproteins, 13 μm thick, made of ZP1,2,3 subunits - ZP3 is the target of species specific receptor on sperm, perhaps β-1,4-galactosyltransferase 3) Acrosome reaction and penetration of zona pellucida - Acrosome reaction is fusion of acrosomal membrane with sperm plasma membrane - Sperm binding to ZP3 causes rise in [Ca ] ;inignaling also requires PLCδ4 - Sperm remains bound to ZP2 during this time - Acrosin plays a non-critical role in penetration, not fully understood 4) Fusion of sperm and egg membrane - Mediated by egg integrin binding to sperm fertilin 5) Cortical reaction 2+ - Oscillating waves of Ca causes cortical granules to be released, triggered by PLCζ 6) Block to polyspermy - Hardening of zona pellucida by cortical enzymes that alter
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