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Lecture 19

BIOL 1F25 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Synuclein, Dementia, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Biological Sciences
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Gaynor E Spencer

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NOV 20TH 2015
LEC 19
Animal studies looking at links b/w learning and drug addiction
Detrimental effects of cocaine use on cognitive function:
Ex. weighing multiple options and making complex decisions
Little known about how long cognitive impairments last after ceasing cocaine use
Cocaine abusers show increases in cognitive functions at 6 months abstinence compared
to 6 weeks
This study:
16 adult female monkeys:
7- cocaine use for 3 months (6?)
9-“cocaine-naïve:” – no cocaine
Cocaine discontinued 8 weeks before experiments
All animals trained on touch – sensitive screen- no difference in learning this task
Simple discrimination task (SD)
3 shapes- touching only one produces food pellet reward.
(Operant conditioning)
SD trials: randomized the order of the shapes
Reversal of discrimination task: (SDR)
New shape gives food pellet (no cue provided). Monkey has to learn that new shape
provides food pellet
Main findings:
SD task:
1. No sig. diff on SD task (through cocaine monkeys needed more trials and more
SDR task: (reversal)
1. Significant diff in # trials required and # of errors made by cocaine monkeys
2. TWO cocaine monkeys failed to ever learn the reversal task (not included in these
Animals were tested weekly for next 3 months
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