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Genetics & Genomics: The Flow of Genetic Information

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Adonis Skandalis

Genetics and Genomics Flow of Genetic Info y The age of cellular and molecular biology o Genome project o Sequencing entire genomes of organisms y A genome is all the genetic informationwhich constitutes the organism o DNAgenechromosomegenome y Currently 1200 species genomes have been sequenced completed or underway y 8000 prokaryotic and archaic genomic sequences either completed or underwayy People were afraid of sequencing because they thought that the info would be used to determine outcomes of organisms y Sequencing in reality allow for o Knowing number of base pairs o Knowing number of genes not what they do o How many genes per bases y Humans have 20000 genes y Complexity is not gene number dependant y Largest genome in the world belongs to a japanese plant 50 times the amount humans have y Less than 1 of the genome are genes y 30 of bacterial genome codes for genesy Promoters reading frame stop codons assist in finding protein gene sequences but a lot of it is noisey Issues in Biology o Aging o Cancer o Origin of life o Life on other planetsy ENCODE ENcyclopedia Of DNA Elements to find all functional elements in human genome sequencey RNA regulation of genomey Recognize life through DNA bases o What is life o How would we recognise it
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