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Ingrid Makus

 Reliability is a primary criterion for judging any classification system. For a classification system to be useful those applying it must be able to agree on what is and what is not  A person diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder by one clinician should be given the same diagnosis by another clinician  The two components of reliability---agreeing on who is a member of a class and who is not---are termed sensitivity and specificity. Sensitivity refers to agreement regarding the presence of a specific diagnosis; specificity refers to agreement concerning the absence of a diagnosis How valid are diagnostic categories?  Construct validity. The diagnoses of the DSM are referred to as constructs cuz they are inferred, not proven, entities  Construct validity is determined by evaluating the extent to which accurate statements and predictions can be made about a category once it has been formed  The greater the # and strength of relationship into which a diagnosis enters, the greater the construct validity The DSM and criticisms of diagnosis  major improvements including:  1) the characteristic and symptoms of each diagnostic category in axes I and II are now described much more extensively than they were in DSM-II  2) much more attention is now paid to how the symptoms of a given disorder ay differ depending on the culture in which it appears . ex: schizoid and depression are similar cross culturally but guilt is a frequent symptom of depression in western society but an infrequent one in Japan and Iran  3) specific diagnostic criteria- the symptoms and other facts that must be present to justify the diagnosis—are spelled out more precisely and the clinical symptoms that constitute a diagnosis are defined in a glossary. The bases more making diagnoses
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