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Lecture 65

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Dirk De Clercq

Outline of Lecture 65 (03-26 C; Ghosh) Plasticity Actual lecture notes are short, so just reread them! Summary of slides below. 1) Major projections of the visual system - Contralateral visual field to LGN to visual cortex (which is organized in ocular dominance columns) - Cells in layer 3 can be monocular (receiving only unilateral input from layer 4) or binocular (receiving bilateral input from layer 4) 2) Ocular dominance columns develop over time 3) Monocular deprivation leads to a shift to ocular dominance by the open eye 4) Monocular deprivation leads to smaller axonal tree in geniculocortical neurons 5) Ocular dominance plasticity is restricted to an early critical period 6) Even a brief period of monocular deprivation can lead to permanent reorganization of ODCs 7) Strabismus (recall, loss of vergence) leads to loss of binocular cells, and dominance by the stronger eye 8) TTX leads to an increase in binocular cells, indicating that action potentials are required for development of ODCs 9) Cortical TTX injections prevent ocular dominance shifts following monocular deprivation, more evidence of action potential dependence 10) Silencing of postsynaptic responses by infusion of a GABA agonist in cortex leads to ocular dominance shift in favor of deprived eye, indic
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