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Cardiovascular SystemHeartArteriesVeins CapillariesBlood Electrical activity of the heart Cardiac output Blood vessels and pressure Functions of the CV System The heart serves as the pump that imparts pressure to the blood to establish the pressure gradient needed for blood to flow to the tissues The blood vessels serve as the passageways through which blood is directed and distributed from the heart to all parts of the body and subsequently returned to the heart Transport system Blood is the transport medium within which materials being moved long distance in the body such as oxygen carbon dioxide nutrients wastes electrolytes and hormones are dissolved or suspendedThe heart Located within the thorax and rests upon the diaphragm Basebroad superior boarder Apex points down and to the left About the size of a fist Average size 13 cm long p cm wide Average mass 300g Covering of the Heart Pericardium oDouble membrane that surrounds the heart Parietalpericardium Visceral pericardium oFluid filled oLubricated surface Heart Structure Atria atriumo2 superior chambers of the heartoMore posterior oAuricle Slight extension Ventriclesventricleo2 inferior chambers oPump blood into the arteries oRight ventriclesanterior aspect of heart oLeft ventricleapex inferiorposterior aspect of heart Sulci oGrooves on surface of heart oCoronary vessels oFatAtrioventricular sulcus Anterior interventrical sulcus Posterior interventrical sulcus Wall of the Heart 3 layers
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