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Lecture 12

CHYS 1F90 - Lecture 12

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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1 CHYS 1F90 April 2 & 4, 2013 Last class! Exam review Outline Office hours, etc. Exam preparation Review Paradigms A table Some linkages Office hours, etc. Rebecca’s office and on-line hours In person (Cairns 325): On Sakai: Thursday April 4, 10-11 Thursday April 4, 11-12 Tuesday, April 9, 10-11 Friday April 12, 1-2 Wednesday, April 10, 11:30-12:30 Monday April 15, 1-2 Tuesday, April 16, 10-11 Tuesday April 16, 11-12 Wednesday April 17, 11-12 Dave’s drop in and on-line hours Drop in On Sakai: , Thursday April 4, 4-5pm, MCJ404 Wednesday April 3 8-10pm Thursday April 11, 4-5pm, MC Wednesday April 10, 8-10pm C300 Tuesday April 16 8-10pm Monday April 15, 4-5pm, MC C300 THE FINAL EXAM Format -6 questions; pick 4 -open book exam -application or reflection questions Preparing for the final Know your terms and readings -know the 8 terms from the first half of the semester -only need to know what’s on the list Know where to find the info you will need Create your own exam questions The exam review game... -put each term on a slip of paper and pull three from a bag -know each term Writing the exam Answer all the part of the question! Aim for 1/2 hour per question Reference 2 -cite throughout if taking material from somewhere Bring your good luck charms... CHYS 1F90 Goals Childhood and youth From the individual to society Through multiple perspectives Across a range of topics Deepening skills Links to upper level courses Paradigms Shifting ideas Faith Truth and reason Skepticism and complexity A) Modernism Link to positivism: E.g. when we study the stages of infant development, we believe that we can access the truth or reality of development -through culture and history Link to progress: - e.g. the idea that with a stronger grasp of child development we can ensure optimal development -science seen as a way to improve society Link to grand narratives: e.g. seeking to understand universal processes of childhood development across time and place -something about being a child that is unchanging; development the same everywhere Link to essentialism: age –things about development that are unchanging gender –children being inherently masculine or feminine; their essence ethnicity –we assume that someone can be categorized by their ethnicity dis/ability –someone’s disability being inherent in them rights –everyone has rights because it is inherent in humans B) Critical theory -Karl Marx saw that inequality was imbedded within capitalism The truth of inequality e.g. class, age... Schissel –hierarchies in society; talks a lot about youth and work Grand narratives: that there are broad-based patterns to inequality -the way you decide your economic base shapes everything else; such as how you view family, etc. Truth hidden via ideology How is it that people put up with laws and policies that support the rich getting richer? 3 -we are all walking through a cloud of meritocracy individualizing; this cloud says that meritocracy is this fair
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