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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Lauren Mc Namara

Child and Youth Studies CHYS 1F90 Dr. J. McNamara Fall/Winter 2011 Early Child Development and Health Developmental Health What do we already know about ECD? The mismatch between research and policy in ECD Critical Periods for Synaptogenesis The elderly can vote, whereas children can’t, so policies and money is directed at those that can vote. Social Determinants of Health • The social and economic under which people live that determine their health • SES • Education • Relationships • Government • Policies • Etc. The Importance of SES The Gradient Effect • A strong and consistent association between socioeconomic status and a variety of development and health outcomes throughout the life-course Relationship between Literacy Skills and Socio-Economic Status for Youth Look at what is needed to become a healthy adult Change in Cognitive Complexity of Jobs, 1971 to 1991 Threats to well being of children •Increase in Child Abuse - Causes of Brain Injury •Suicides •Literacy Disparity The gradient effect and well being of children •Children Living in Low-Functioning Families •Children Hanging Around with Kids who Frequently Get into Trouble •Children Living in Problem Neighbourhoods •Children Living in Substandard Housing •Children Living in Unsafe Neighbourhoods •Children Not in Excellent Health •Children Rarely Participating in Organized Sports •Children with Delayed Vocabulary Development Recommendations to reduce the Gradient Effect? Kindergartners’ Performance on a Number Task Supporting Families What happens when a mother speaks a great deal / not much to their children? Effects of Mothers’ Speech on Infant Vocabulary Children Changing Schools Three or More Times before Age 11 Percent of preschoolers with problem scores by residentia
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