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Intro to Development - Lecture 1

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Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

Mon Sept 13Welcome CHYS 2P10 Child Development Dr Tony Volktvolkbrockuca 6885550 ext 5368 Office AS 432a Hours Monday 12 or by appointment or chance Course Coordinator JoAnne Sinnige Edder jsinnigeeggerbrockuca Office AS 446 Ext 5893 Monday September 13 2010 129 PM SeminarsDuring seminars students will individually or sometimes in pairs debate for or against a given ytopicThese debates must be based on scientific evidence some of which will be provided some you ywill need to find your ownThe debates will also lead to a paper on the topic you debate that includes responses to questions yfrom the class and arguments from your opponentI expect to see improvements in the paper vs the debate y Paper formatting is very important in order for it to be universally fair y Debates will be evaluated by the Tasthe prof and by your peers split half and half y Peer grade will be the class average y Good evaluations are also part of your gradethey are you seminar participation component y Giving good detailed reviews will get you a good mark in the classso mark honestly yIntroduction to Developmental Psychology Chapter 1Science of Development Science is a method of understanding the physical and mental worldyNo other branch of knowledge comes even remotely close is even worth mentioning in the same ybreathNotice I did not mention spiritual and currently experiential worlds eg God yo These worlds cannot be measured so they cannot be accurately predictedThis course deals with what you can measure what you can know what you can predict and what yyou can understandGoals
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