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Callous Empathy/Family

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Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

CONTINUATION FROM LECTURE 9 Prisoners DilemmaNo matter what your friend doesit is best to rat them out y The problem how do you get cooperation yReciprocal altruismyou scratch my back Ill scratch yours what goes around comes around y Short term vs long term thinkingy Difficult when you do not trust othersy Relates to a unique group of aggressive children yo Callous EmpathyCallous empathy is a termed used to describe adult psychopaths y They are able to understand others emotions but are unaffected by them y This allows them to callously manipulate the emotions of other people without ysuffering from internal emotional consequencesUnderstanding how you feel but they do not care or do not respond in the right way y Allows manipulation yAmoralhaving no morals allows them to manipulate othersyPsychopaths commit more than half of all violent crimescommiting crime because ythey do not care about the consequences empathy is nonexistantAdult psychopaths respond to empathy therapy by becoming worse normal ycriminals become betterTeaching how other people feel when bad things happen to them does not make psychopaths care more about people but rather it makes them more violent Need early intervention Evidence exists that this behavior is locked into by adolescenceyCurrent research is looking into how this callous empathy develops in younger ychildrenThere are several early emotional cues that begin to emerge in childhoody o Callous Empathy begins around age 10Shallow emotional affect do not have emotional swings y Fearlessness not usually afraidy Low inhibition act impulsively y Good emotion regulation really just shallow affect glibness can change their yemotions when neededBoredom sensation seeking sometimes used an excuse doing violent things ybecause they are bored Grandiosity inflated egoy Need to work on their sensation seeking and acting out well can lead to positive yconsequences Not associated with bad parentingySome form of biological componentbut unsure about what exactly it isy Moral DevelopmentIs interesting but the field is plagued by challenges to the validity of the measuresyMorality is vaguestudying ideals that shiftstandards have changedyHow well does the child follow rules general principles Theory of mind underlies moral ydevelopment and cognitive development
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