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Lecture 6

CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Sexual Orientation, Sexting, Ender Wiggin

Child and Youth Studies
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Shauna Pomerantz

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Lecture 6: Sexualities, Homophobia, and Bullying
Not Under My Roof (2011)
oIn US, 10% said yes
oIn Netherlands, 10% said no
US parents:
oTeens as irrational and irresponsible
oDriven by hormones
Dutch parents:
oTeens as self-regulating sexual agents
oLower rates of teen pregnancy/abortion
Childhood innocence (remember Rousseau?)
In need of protection: naïve, vulnerable, victimized, easily corrupted, hurt, sex
antithetical to innocence
How do children learn about sex?
Paradox of childhood innocence
Assumed asexual and heterosexual:
Sexuality not seen as part of childhood
Children seen as asexual; no desire
Yet, straightness is always assumed
Children’s movie controversy
Frozen ‘slammed’ for having ‘gay agenda’:
Elsa hides her inner self, lives in fear of being exposed, is misunderstood by
Oaken’s family in sauna
Sex education controversy: New Ontario curriculum:
Consent, internet safety, gender fluidity, LGBTQ
Grade 1: Body parts
Grade 3: Same sex relationships
Grade 6: Gender expression, masturbation
Grades 7/8: Sexting
Educating on sexuality
Porn easily available
Media highly sexualized
Kids’ shows loaded with sexual imagery
Inaccurate info abounds
Why so uncomfortable?
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