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Lecture 1

CHYS 2P15 Lecture 1: module 1

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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In this module, we learned about the importance of service-learning and how it will
benefit both the community as well as yourself. You will gain priceless experience that you can
use later in life, as well as help out a community partner! It is hard to learn things out of a
textbook sometimes so seeing things first hand you can get a better grasp of it. We watched a
few videos meant to get us ready for our service-learning experience. This course offers an
experience like no other and I am very grateful to be able to have the chance to take part in it.
Highlighted videos:
TedXKnowville with Alison Lebovitz - Changing the World: Alison describes her trip and flight
home when a woman had to give birth on the plane. Everyone came together to help the
woman deliver her baby. A sense of community was created with all the passengers after
helping this woman. In this video Alison says that helping people brings happiness to you, and
when you do good it is important not to think “what’s in it for me?” as you will get so much
happiness just knowing you did something to make someone else smile, or to help them in any
Youth4Education, what are you Passionate about?: This video focused on problems that
students come across based on their gender/race. The kids in the video talked about bullying
and racial slurs or jokes they hear on a daily basis and how they make them feel. These slurs
can make them feel uncomfortable in school and can effect their education. No one likes to be
put down or be bullied. It is sad that people still make fun of people because of their race or
make jokes about their culture or religion etc. I thought that we were far past the years of racism
and segregation, but sadly it is still relevant in our world today.
In the reading “What is Service Learning”, it explained what exactly service learning entails,
what the benefits are, and what to expect when you begin your journey. Service learning is
when you get to experience first hand exactly what you have learned so far in university. Many
theories and concepts that we have been taught in first year, we get to see how they play out in
real life. This allows you to get a better grasp of the concepts that you have learned, all the
while giving you experience and helping out the community. It allows you to gain skills that you
can later use in your career, and learn how to handle different types of situations so you are
better prepared for the workplace when your time comes. You get to get close to a community
partner so you can have someone as a reference for jobs, someone you can ask questions to
about the workplace. It helps an awful lot just going to a place to give your time to. In university
it is hard to learn things out of a book that are meant to be seen and dealt with in real life; this
experience gives you the chance to see things in real life.
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