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Lecture 8

CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Panic Disorder, Nanny, Noam Chomsky

Child and Youth Studies
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Dawn Zinga

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Reflecting on Instruction:
Throughout this course, I have learned many skills and became more comfortable in my
ability to work with children in the future. My placement has given me insight into just how much
work goes into working with kids, but also how much of a payoff there is. Children never fail to
make my day brighter, and by making them happy, it in turn makes you happy. Especially in a
setting like the one that I had, where I was working with children who came from broken families
and financial difficulties, seeing these children happy and having fun was a great thing to see. I
am sad to be leaving my placement, but I hope that I left a good impact on the kids and the
facilitators, just as they have for me.
Reflecting on Exploration Opportunities:
For the Developmental Lens, I decided to analyze the video “Language Design - Noam
Chomsky.” This video focused on language, and how it is unique to humans which is very
strange. In the video, Noam Chomsky talks about how on a surface level, different languages of
the world look very different. However, regardless of the fact that someone who speaks English
would not be able to understand someone who speaks Spanish, that english speaker would still
be able to recognize that it is in fact a language and not just randomized sounds. Children and
youth enjoy making their “own secret languages” for fun with their friends, however to someone
walking by on the street, this would be just a series of sounds. It is very intriguing that this is the
case. In a course I took in first year, intro to Linguistics (LING 1F94), we discussed this very fact
that Chomski is discussing in the video. Our professor showed us a recording of someone
saying a sentence with all auditory speech pieces taken out. All the recording had left was a
series of odd beeps and sounds that were almost robotic. She played this recording for the
entire class, and we all had to take guesses at what the sentence was. Every single person in
our class guessed the sentence correctly. From a series of beeps and robotic noises, we were
still able to recognize speech. This made me realize that language is truly a very unique
phenomenon. In that class I also learned that children during certain ages of their life, have a
capacity for language. If that child is put around an English speaking mother, a French speaking
father, and a Spanish speaking nanny, that child will easily be able to learn those different
languages. Once that age period is over, the child has a lessened capacity for learning
languages. I found that very intriguing.
For the Exceptionalities Lens, I chose the video “How Autism Freed Myself.” This video
is a Ted Talk by Rosie King, who has been diagnosed with autism. In the video she talked a lot
about stereotypes that have been created about people with autism and the disorder itself. For
example, she says that her brother who also has autism does not speak, but she however loves
to talk. She says that people with autism are seen as being smart in math and science, but there
are also people with the disorder who love to be creative. In this video Rosie tries to challenge
these stereotypes and she attempts to open people’s minds to different ways of thinking about
autism. I liked her explanation about how society labels adjectives such as “extraordinary,
amazing, fantastic,” etc as great compliments, however everyone strives to be “normal.” She
questions why would someone strive to be extraordinary and unique but “normal” at the same
time. Some people get bullied because they are not “normal” or they are different or unique.
Some people don't want to be friends with the autistic girl. I see this a lot in society, especially in
myself. You want to achieve greatness, and be the best you can be, and ultimately better than
anyone at certain tasks and activities. However, you want to achieve this in a way that deems
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