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Neta Gordon

thJanuary 18 2012Dream vs RealityNot valuable Realityunstable Privileged Dream effects the reality for it creates new goals Reality depends on dreamsIs it true that England is like a dream I want to wake up Well that is precisely how your beautiful island seems to me quite unreal and like a dream 67When the characters talk about dreams they are talking about how it is not what they are used to or comfortable with The text is something that they do not want and cannot control The male figure says No this island this place that I am sitting is unreal and like a dream In this case the dream is cold and dark not happy like we consider dreaming should be What is real is what you want to be real When the guy says this is unreal its because its not what he wants he regrets the marriageWhose version of reality triumphsThe man gets to change Antoinettes reality Causes her to retreat into the world of dreamst1 dream someone following her with heavy footsteps reality is culturally privileged in the term binary nd2 dream when shes following someone to pick up the train of her dress use the d
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