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19 Mar 2012
Monday, March 5, 2012
Kenney’s The Museum
Women talk about exhibits that have to do with love, poetry, and fairytales. Men talk
about history, God, mythology and boring exhibits.
To get away from this lexias you have to link back or go to another place
How does this story which is so dependent on sequence and includes a kind of closure,
how does that work with the rest of the hypertext and also why this story? What does
the Christian myth of death and birth have to do with the hypertext?
The suffering has to look real, and has to be like that or else the story doesn’t make
We need an ordered world because the world is so unordered, because real lives are a
mess so we require these stories in order to give our lives a shape. Real or not real is
The message of the moral: we are supposed to learn something from every story
All stories are fabrication and there is really no truth to them. Madame has no reason to
be outraged, because it is just a story, so don’t worry about it.
Happy vs. unhappy ending. Why do we want a happy ending anyways?
Easy Choices: serpent is a symbol because it is a symbol throughout western culture
associated with evil/serpent is the devil/poison/renewal because it sheds its
skin/medical. We recall the story of Adam and Eve, Eve has to make a choice
Easy Choices: Mr. Kilby tells 3 tails, 1st is hungry orphan, 2nd is the lost change purse,
BOTH have moral value, but no textual value. They teach you how to behave properly in
the world and how to be a good value. Even though these stories have moral value, they
have no narrative value (they are not good stories).
3rd one, Feast of Spirits: caught between the living and dead, he can leave her to die or
he can take her place and die. She is not sure if she wants to go home, because she is
only living a half-life. She no longer cares. Free her? Or Abandon her to her fate?
The end lexias:
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