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HIST1F90 Module Three: Lesson One, January 13, 2012. *extremely organized and vast amount of information*

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Elizabeth Vlossak

1History 1F90 Friday January 13 2012Lecture OneWhat is GermanyGermany as we know it today has not been around for very long Throughout the years Germany has had many borders18711945 During this time Germany goes through quite a number of changes of what Germany actually is Economic Power House of UN currentlyTodays map 1990Between 19491990 Germany didnt actually exist two different states West Germany capitalism and East Germany communist Soviet UnionDuring the Cold War world divided into 2 sides However Europe was divided between east and westBy 1942 Germany has extended its control over vast tracks of European territoryIn 1933 Hitler comes into power Hitlers Germany or Third EmpireHitler wants to reclaim territory that was lost in World War I also wants to reclaim other territories he thinks is GermanThe Second German Empire in 1871 vast territoryoModern German Nation StateoPrior to 1871 Germany doesnt exist not a country made up of a variety of statesoPrussia is part of the German EmpireoOne government who thought they were belonging to one nationoGerman nationalists began thinking of Germany certain spirit and essence that makes them different to other people German QualityoAll German people must come together as one
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