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CHSC 1F91 November 20, 2012 Epidemiology Week #11 - Epidemiology: Study of what is common among people - 1854: case of the Broad Street pump, people who died from Cholera within a month  People were drinking from the Broad Street pump Pioneers of Epidemiology - Hippocrates: cold illness; hot remedy - Bernadino Ramiazzini: father of occupational health and medicine - Anna Wessels Williams: scientist; rabies vaccine - Florence Nightingale: pioneer of nursing, strong advocate of hygiene. More men dying from diseases in the hospital rather than staying on battle field - Robert Koch: blood - Frances Kelsey: responsible for stopping sales of Thalidomide (drug given during pregnancy, helps them sleep) exposure of this drug to the fetus would have cause defects Epidemiologic Triad - Hosts: target population of who can become ill (plants, living things etc...) - Agent: method contributing to cause of that illness - Environment : mechanism that makes the Agent work and exposes itself Infectious Epidemiology - Establishing “etiology”: 1. Population characteristics 2. Assumption 3. Tests 4. Cultural considerations 5. Conclusion Non-Infectious Epidemiology Defining Epidemiology - “Study of DISTRIBUTION and DETERMINANTS of health-related states in specified populations, and the applications of this study to control of health problems” Components of Distribution - WHO is getting ill (more money you make, healthier you are) - WHEN are you getting ill - WHERE are you getting ill 1 CHSC 1F91 November 20, 2012 Distribution of Disease - Epidemic: effects large number of people (SARS) - Pandemic: epidemic that becomes nationwide/continent/worldwide (HIV AIDS) - Ecological Fallacy: Confusing correlation with causation wh
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