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Chapter 9 & 10 Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Caffeine

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Health Sciences
Madeline Law

cS\`W^š U`SZVU`^aY_W\`WŵŴ U[[[TSUU[SZVSXXWZW O 3–¾f–3 f3 f¾3°¾f–f ¾ O 0°3¾0f°3n°00 ¯¾0°3¾0f°3¾0 4 €¾0°f0°ff ½ 0°–3–¾°f°f3f f¾@½¯n0° ¾00¾0f–€3––f0° O ½¯3¾½–f¾0f°0¾0°f¾n0° 4 ¯¾0½½ff°3 3¾3½f°f°0 0n½fn¯°0° ¾0°¯3n°°00 n°0 4 ¯33nf¾¾ţ¾½n0f ţf°–nf¾0f°¾¾f 0f¾f½ ¯ O °0¾–¾f03 f¾3°f¾ 4 f¾f¾ ©n0 O 0ff00ť0f 003€°€fn0Ǝf O ´nff00ťŦf ţf003 ¾nf¾¾0¯¾ 4 ½f¯fnf ¾€¾0½f¾¾3°¾Ŵ$¾ –°f0n°0½¾°¾ ° f 0°3¾f €€n0¾%Ŧf33n0°& O –f ¾ 3f¾½ ¯%f 0f0°& nf¾¾¾f°0¾°f¾n°0 0°–¯¯ ¾€ ¾n0 4 –°fnť f f¾f°¯f 4 €€¾½°– ¾n 4 ¾¾ ¯f–°f'3–½¾¾ nf¾¾¾ 4 33n0° f¾f¾f3 ½½¯33nf¾¾½½¾ –0f33n03€ °–0f0¯°0 00 f3n0 4 ¾nf3f°–ť3¾0 30°–Ŵ½0¾0f°0n°n½0€fn'3°f0° O ƍf 3ƍ@€¯°– O fn f¾¯¾03f°–¾¾ ¾0f°n%¯0f°3–¾&° 4 f°0Ŵfn¯¯°0 f¾– 4 n°¾333¯f'°– 4 ŦJ¯°ƌ¾¾0f°@¯½f°nD°°¾0f ¾3$+ –f°'f0°0n°°n½½0¾0½3°°– ½0nfť¾½f300 3 0°f3nf3f°3ff€ nf¯30°nf¾3½0 nf¯300°3°n03° f¾–°0n 4 ƍnf½0°ƍť0 °¾½¾n33nf0¯¾¾ƍ3ƍ%° °–f°3¾°–fn° 0 °& O ßfn¯¯¾¾°°,0f€€n-Ŵ. 4 ¯f©003€½ 0°0–n¯¯¾¾°½030 3nf¾0¯n€f° n°¯n¾0f° O ,°0f3€°0f%&¾0f ¾30Ŵ°0–f0fn€ °–½ 0° 4 ¯f°f–30 €¾€0½½ O D0–3°¾°3°°–ťn¯½0¯f3½ 4 3°°–°¯ ¾½3f 4 ½–°f°nťn¯¯°3f3f°n 0f¾½¾°0–3°¾€3°°– ½–°f°0 4 °0n°¾¯½0°–3 O @¾°¾n°0€n f¾¾0fn´°3¯¾f O ¾0nf¾¾n°f¾f f¾3¯°f0 O –¾ 4 nf¯¾3–¾¾°ƍ –ƍ nf¾0ƌ¾–f 4 ½½ °3ƍ½ƍ¾f°–00°n0ƌ °½0°00¾¾0¯%f°30ƌ¾f 00 00f0& ‘S\`W^ŵŴWXZ`[Z_ O °–°°–ť°°–0 n¯°0nf03Ť€3°¾°f¾°–¾00°–€¯°f°3€€ ¯° O Vfn f°ť3–½3n3 €¯°0f0°€°3°¯f° f–¾ O ¯°f°ť@½n¾¾ f¾0–f°¾¯¾ f3 °½f°0¾–f¾030f° O ¾f°ť@½n¾¾ ¯f¾¾¾ ©n030–0¯½f0¾0f¾fnf½¾ţ nf0°n°3°¾3f°3¯3 0 f00¯f0€°f½3n0Ŧ O 9€ťf¯f¾€0½n°0f–€fn°f f– O n°n°f° ť@f0€fn000f 3¯Ť0€fn0¾30 ¯f¾0½¾–nff°3 f€€n0¾€fn O lf°f ff°nť@f 0€3°¾0¯3€0 f¾0f00f½½f ¾ ° °0f–¾ O f°ť¾¾€€3¾€¯ [email protected]¾¾ O ¾½°f€3ť3 0°f°3¾°3°–0 f°f°3¾½°fn30¾¾¾ O f°–ť@½¾–nffn0°0n¾¾3°°–ţ°n3°–¾n¾¯½0¯¾f¾f3fnţ ½¾0¾0¯fnţf°0ţ3½¾¾°ţ3ffţf°30¾0 O °–°¾ť€¯¾€fn¯0f '3¯¾ 0f°0f°0f0½3n0n Ŵ½3n0¾ O ¾¾ť0f¾0¾0f–€3¾f¾f¾¾nf03 0n°nf¾€fnţ3°– n n¾3f°33f¯f–¾½¯f°°0 O n½f¾ťn°30°¾0°–€¯½°–3¾€fn° n0¾°€f¯3Ŧ40 nf°¾0°3f0 O fn½n ¯¾ ť f3nf0–€3¾3¾f0°–0n°¾¯½0°€ fn3°–½–°f°nţ°n3¾€0ffn¾°3¯ţ€0ffn€€n0¾ţ½f0f€0f fn€€n0¾ţfnŴf03°3½¯°0f3¾3¾ţf°3° ff3¾3Ŵfn ½¾Ŧ O nf ¾ fn¾¯ť¾€fn0f0°0€¾ 0 ţ¾nţ½¾°ff0°¾½¾ 0f0°0f¾f0°¾€0f Ŧ O 6°°°ť½f°°3n°€°0f0° 0f½¾°f33n030fn° n€f¯¯¯ ¾f°3 €°3¾½¾¾0n°n°f 003°°– O ¯@¯°¾ @¾ť¾0f0€n°€¾° –0° 03f f€¯fnţ¾¯½0¯¾ °n3fn°f0°¾ţf°0ţf°30¯ °– O nn°°¯ ¾ ťf°–f°'f0° ¾–f¾0½°33f¾f33n030fn¾0½ 3°°–ţ°n3¾ff f°n¾¾nf¾Ŵ°°ţf°3f0° O ° €€ť½ 33€¯€@ fnn¾°€€3f°3f ¾ 30–0¯n¾¯¯ f°°0°¾ ½fn3°¾30n½f°3¾n3Ŧ O °–fnnť¾0°–0½€0 fnn½fn°0¯0f°30°¾n3n 3 O -n°ť@¾0¯f°0n¯nf°0 fnn½3n0¾ O @fťf0°–ţ °¾¾ ¾0f°nn°3°¾3€¯½f0nf0¯f00°¾¯0 fnn O f°¯° ť–f¾€°3°n–f00¾¯0f0 °3¾f0–°n½0¾0¾°0 3 O -n°½¾°°–ť´¯½0¯¾€0°½°n3 –°°°–¾¯¾ţ0°n33''°¾¾ţ 3ffţ–0Ŵf33°¾¾ţf½3f0n½¾ţnf¯¯¾°ţ°f¾fţf°3¯0°– O l ½ffťn°30°nffn0'3 f0 0½f0n¾°¾30¯0½3n3 n°0fn0 00f°0¾°0 fnn©nŦ O V°°¯°[email protected]¯ [email protected]ť´¯€¯0 fnn½3n0¾ţ°n3°–¾3¾0f¯f°3 ¯f°¾0f¯¾¯Ŧ O ,f°¾f¯¾¯ť´¯3f °€¯fn–f00ţn–fţ½½ °f°– O n°Ŵf°¾¯ťn–f00ţ½½ţn–f¾¯f¾3°00ff°3°f3 °°Ŵ¾¯¾ %f¾ f¾¾¯¾& O -n°fť´¯½0¯¾°n3°f¾fţf3fn¾ţf°30f 0ţ¾€€3 ¾¯¾ nf¾¾°–0 fnnŦ O f°ť¾0¯f°0€°3°n€€ţ0fţnnf0ţf°3¾¯¾€03°¾ O Of°°¾ť0n¯nf€f¯€¾0¯f°0¾0 nf€€° °–¾ O f°¾¯ťf€€°°0nf0° –0° n¾¾nf€€°¾Ŧ´¯½0¯¾°n3n°n °¾¯°fţ0f 0ţf°0ţ¯¾n0 0n¾ţf°3f3fn¾Ŧ ‘S\`W^WXZ`[Z_ O – ¾ť@f°–f3–°f f€ n
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