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Health Sciences
Madeline Law

Week 22: Personal Safety CHSC 1F90 18 March 2014 Personal Safety: intentional Injuries Violence • Acts of violence result in: o Injuries and deaths o Poor mental health, conduct disorders, lack of social & emotional responsiveness o Economic costs • Violence is caused by o Poverty, lack of housing, unemployment, low education o Discrimination, cultural & social beliefs o Poor parental role models o Hopelessness Clicker Question:  • In the past decade the rate of violent crimes in Canada has: o Increased • Your text offers steps to reduce hate crimes. Which one will you take?  o Examine your own self and know your own self  • Which do you believe is the most common location for violence o Workplace • Of the following, which one is the most common social context of violence? o A group of women involved in a fight at a bar • Which of the following statement is true? o Men are more likely than women to be physical dangerous than women • In the past 12 months have you o Yes • If you said yes o 8 Week 22: Personal Safety CHSC 1F90
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