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Lecture 6

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Health Sciences
B Jeynes

Chsc Lecture # 6: Nervous system 1: - Exam at noon to 2pm on December 7 th - His favourite area: nervous system (pay particular attention to his lecture notes over the textbook) - Nervous system is comprised of: - Nerve cells and supporting neuroglial cells - Nerve cells: structured to facilitate and maximize impulse conduction inside and outside CNS - Neuroglia support nerve cells and are contributed to effect signal transmission - Overview: figure 13-1 (in textbook) - CNS (brain and spinal cord) and PNS (nerves) - Main Points Today - - the nervous system is comprised of conductive (nerve) and support (neuroglia) cells - - nerve cells are strcutured to facilitate and maximize impulse conduction inside and outside the central nervous s. - Overview - 1 comprised of 2 general divisions - brain and spinal cord - Overview - 2 Fig. 13-2 - - bringing info into the CNS, they are referred to as afferent (bringing into) - - efferent division - bring out of CNS - The Neuron - communication specialist - Fig. 13-3 - A single neuron can split - Sends multiple signals to multiple neurons - Know 5 ways neurons can split (figure in textbook) - And again (really look at figures!!) - Structural Variations of Neurons Fig. 13-10 - Synapses - Fig. 13-9 Synapses - Structure of a Synapse - Fig.
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