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Sandra Yee

Math 1P97 Course OutlineCalculus with ApplicationsJanApril2012InstructorsD Minerslectures 800 900Mon Wed 100 200 pmTues and Fri DHowesT Conroy lectures at 900 amMon Tues Wed Fri DHowesSYeelectures at 700 pm1000 pm Tues Th 247 P Hassanpourlectures 700 1000pm TuesTh 245All sections have the same assignments tests exams and all sections are expected toknow the same material after each weekThe day sections have 4 hours but the nightsections have only 3 hours so students in those sections will be expected to do morework on their ownCourse manager Dot Miners dminersbrockucaCourse Objectives 1To differentiate and integrate polynomial rational exponential and logarithmicfunctions2To show logical steps and proper format in calculus problems and to explainsolutions with mathematical sentences 3To interpret and illustrate calculus principles on graphs of functions4To choose a method and apply differentiation and integration to various situationssuch as optimization and calculating areas5To formulate and solve differential equations relating to growth and decay6To find partial derivatives of a multivariable function and determine the local extremaof these functions7To use software to graphand solve calculus problemsCourse TextApplied Calculus Hoffman Bradley Miners Custom Edition based on First CanadianEditionMcGraw Hill CalculatorThere is only one calculator allowed theSharp DAL EL 510R it is available in thebookstoreNo other calculator is allowed for tests and examsSakaiIsaakAll course information assignments hints and help can be found on the IsaakSakaisiteMake it the first place to go for help Especially read the Announcements whichwill change frequentlyThere will beFAQof your email questions and answersBefore a test previous tests will be posted hereAlso summaries of any tricky parts areposted hereHelp for Math 1P97emailsdminersbrockucaanswers emails for all sectionsAlso for questions specific to a section contentsyeebrockucaphassanpouraslbrockucatconroybrockucaOffice Hours Dot Miners J429 Math help for all sections plus sick notes marking issues and anyother course issuesMon Wed Thurs 11001200 Tues and Fri 11301230MonFri200400 Math Help Centre and Section instructors office hours These will be in J 434 across from the assignment boxesProf Hasssanpours office hours Tues 500600 pm plus another office hour afterlecture in Th 245Prof Conroys office hours Fri 10001200 Prof Yees office hours 900 am Tues plus another office hour after lecture in Th 247Also every weekThurs 1200200 pm TA in Help Centre for Math 1P97Also on the Tuesdays that assignments are due Jan 24 Feb 28 andMarch 13 therewill be a TA 100300 pm in the Help CentreOn Test days Feb 10 and March 16 there will be a TA 200400 pm in the HelpCentre How will we be gradedWebwork8 total 184 Written assignments 3total 12Test 1Fri February 10 515615 pm126 Test 2Fri March 16 515 6 45pm17 Final Exam 40NoteIf you have a test conflict it is important to inform Dot Miners at least a weekahead of the test dayThe test can then be written at 800 am the prior dayWebworksThese will be open Thurs morningto the following Mon 800 am unless otherwisespecified for that weekThese are online quizzes to be done online during the hoursspecified Forgetting to do it or having computer problems do not count as excuses
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