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Lecture 4

PHIL 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Meletus, Sophist

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Richard Brown

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Apology – Socrates’ Defence
Rhetoric – someone who has a certain way with words who is therefore able to
make nice speeches
Sophistry – a master of “tricky” reasoning, someone who can make a stronger
argument, weaker argument therefore defeat even the strongest one.
Protagoras (490 – 420 BCE)
Was a wealthy man
Are sophists really experts at virtues?
Can the virtues be taught?
Socrates, the “action” figure.
The charges – question 1 (why is he so unpopular)
Formally accused for two things
oWorshipping false gods – not real gods, or no gods at all
oCorrupting the youth
Also charged for many implicate charges those are passed around by rumours.
Aristophanes (445 – 380)
People of Athens believe of Socrates…
1. Socrates is apre-Socratic.”
2. Interested in Arche
3. An atheist
4. A sophist – mistakenly believed he was a sophist.
5. Teaches the young – thought that he taught the young to do the same thing as
him thus corrupting them.
Socrates never imparted knowledge or give information
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