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Lecture 6

PHIL 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Cogito Ergo Sum, Ant-Zen, Cosmological Argument

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Richard Brown

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Phil 1F90 Lec. 6 February 12th 2016
ON SAKAI: Descartes’ meditations – what you need to know - good review but need to be
expanded on
- Meditation 1 – 10% by volume of text
oCommon sense of realism * know definition for exam
(truth = senses + things are the way they appear to be)
oSystematic doubts (know all doubts) (methodically overturn realism)
oThe distinction between … Back…
oSometimes (real) my senses deceive me
Lunatic hypothesis, dismiss, why, assess reason (impossible to assess
reason if you don’t have reason to start)
Dream hypothesis (no criterion)
oComplex to simple universal things (eg. 2+2=4)
oGod and the question of the origin of human nature – doubt will always be
oEvil genius hypothesis to balance the scale and to suspend judgment
- Meditation 2 – 15% by volume of text
oIs everything (universal) doubtful? No
oCogito ergo sum – I am, I exist whenever – archechian point of centric as long
as I think, I know I exist
oD knows that HE exists but what IS he?
oEssence = what pertains to and is unseparated from this
oRes cogitans (his essence) – I am a thing that thinks = mind, thinking as an
essential property
oWAX – as example of BODY (best example in history of western philosophy)
Details of change, the sensible qualities change – yet it is the same piece
of wax – we know/judge to be the same piece of wax – was extended
before and extended now ESSENCE OF WAX IS EXTENDED
oMind better know and understood than the body (title)
Never talk of existence of bodies, IF they exist they are seen as extentions
Mind better known then body because the only way to know body is
through the mind
The 3rd Meditation - 25% of the text
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