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Monday September 16 Poli 2q98 Lecture 2

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Brock University
Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Monday September 16, 2013 Poli 2Q98: The Institutions of Canadian Government Slide 1: Responsible Government - responsible government o the underpinning philosophy of the Westminster o idea of parliamentary government not presidential o government itself is responsible to the people through parliament o we get it from the British o 1848 in Nova Scotia o Most parties need to have support in a minority government o Majority governments last their whole term, tend not too lose their confidence vote o It is assumed that the government has the confidence of the house until they lose it o Thrown speech is a confidence vote o The budget is considered a confidence measure o The idea of whipped governments comes from this o Members are told to vote the way their leader does, different in the US  Not a firm degree of party loyalty  Whipped gov’t system helps the gov’t to keep their confidence - collective cabinet responsibility o the discussion of responsibility o public admin ideas o considered the gov’t/ministry o responsible for all the measures they introduce o responsible for day to day gov’t things o all the ministers will support each other and the government o all laws come from cabinet - Ministerial responsibility o Responsible for every single thing that happens in their ministry o Answers to parliament o The person may be responsible for the actions of someone they have never even met before o Gives direction to the ministers o If you make a mistake the minister resigns o E-health scandal (asked the minister to resign) o A new minister is still responsible for what goes on o Minister resign is to do with politics Slide 2: Canadian Federalism - federal and provincial government o we are a federation o always been debates about federalism o they originally wanted unitary government not provincial government o Macdonald was a fan of central government o French Canadians thought their unity would be lost in state o Many of the other provinces felt the same way o Canada was originally a federation o Federal government is getting weaker and weaker o Not completely useless o Residual powers flow to the federal government o Federal government in the states is not as strong as in Canada o Joint area of public policy o Public policy is muddled, have to cooperate with 11 other ministries to get things to pass o Infrastructure lies within a federal power, government cannot do some things o Certification process is different in all provinces o Every province has its own labour movement - the courts o rule of law o privy council o all cases used to be argued in Brittan o final arbiter in what is constitutional and what is not o cannot ask if it is constitutional or not o is it constitutional to abolish the senate (Different from the States)  a law has to be tested in the US o what governments can and cannot do Slide 3: The executive - the crown o constitutional monarchy o the British crown is our head of state o represented by the governor general o thought of as the higher rank of government o equal in every jurisdiction in canada o g.g is appointed by the crown  opens parliament  they can dissolve parliament when the PM loses confidence in the house o g.g play a ceremonial role with public policy, just a figure head - the Prime Minister o leader of a party who has the most seats in a house o no mention of the PM in the constitution o domestic politics, the PM is the most powerful dictator in the world o power to make appointment, names all justices in the supreme court of Canada, all ambassadors , the head of the RCMP, governor of the bank of Canada, all deputy ministers and ass
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