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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Monday September 30 2013th Poli 2Q98 Lecture 4: An overview of the Canadian Public Service Departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations Slide 1: Setting the Context - capitalist democracy o the primary function of the states is to protect private property and rights o reflect those who have property (machines, factories, land, communication structures) o state is usually there to defend businesses o also reflects the democratic will of ordinary citizens (Pollution laws, minimum wage) - federalism o both levels of government set up organizations o federal and provincial ministries of health o provinces don’t have enough money to pay for things so federal government pays for things - cabinet government (important) o minister is responsible for things that happen in their ministry Slide 2: Operating department - horizontal policy coordinative o influential departments that work across many fields (2 big ones, Finance and Justice) o high degree of formal authority o high degree of policy authority o can intervene on any policy o try to make policy across many different department o smallest amount of people work here o very big budget - horizontal administrative coordinative o least influential o don’t have a lot of directions for themselves o public works – key department o ensure public servants have what they need to work o influence is very informal o not in charge of developing policy o make sure things go well o make it difficult for other departments to do their job - vertical constituency o minister and deputy ministers o international affair o people interact with these o labour o industry o health o high profile o a lot of people know who they are o usually large budgets o creating and administrating large variety of public polices o across Canada o front face of government o cannot intervene in other departments o ministers are the political head  deputy minister  appointed by the PM  assistant deputy ministers  head branches of the department o managers and directors o PM can create new departments o Not set in stone o Always changing o Provide a broad mandate o Ministers have a small political staff  Selected by the minister  Not public servants  Come and go  Gives a lot of responsibility to DM and ADM o Deputy minister is administration  permanent head of a department  belt buckles, connect people - direct control comes from the minister Slide 3: Central Agencies - Prime Ministers’ Office (PMO) o Overtly partisan o Works directly for the PM o Change with every government o Give advice to PM o How policy will be view, how it will affect the polls, how it will reflect on the government o Makes sure the PM is seen in the best political light/well reflects o Task of running the PM everyday schedule – make sure he gets to meetings on time o Coordinate and plan p.p o Connect the PM to the party o Good relations with the media – press relations o Writing speeches o Provide advice on nominations o Provide briefing on day to day issues to the PM (keeping him in the loop) o Do a lot of house keeping work – travel arrangement, mail and email o Very powerful - Privy council Office (PCO) o Policy advice and admin support to PM and cabinets and cabinet committees o Coordinating polices between departments o Clerk of the PC  Head of the public service o Staffed by career servant  Stay there  People who have been in public service forever o Brief PM on policy issues o Help PM with relations between provinces, provinces and Canada o Small secretariat to each cabinet o Monitor the policy environment o Advise the committees o
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