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lecture 3

Political Science
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Bunny Mc Farlane

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Cost of conflict
Lost intimacies
Relationships destroyed
Decreased productivity due to gossip, rumours, absenteeism, stress-related
illness and poor morale
Disruptions, turnover, grievances and lawsuits
Relationship, personal and organizational transformations
Benefits of conflict
An opportunity to significantly improve your personal life
It can expand the effectiveness of an organization
It has the ability to increase the satisfaction of your relationships with friends,
coworkers, family
Releases you from impasse
A way to clear the air
A way to initiate reform
A way to improve society
Allows for a 'voice'
Sense of empowerment
The culture of conflict
Culture in the context of conflict needs to include all the values and beliefs
that affect how each individual understands his or her own experiences of conflict
The culture of conflict, shaped by our values, is also reflective of our
experience, which shapes our understanding of conflict and its resolution
Lederach states:
Social meaning is lodged in the accumulated knowledge, or what
Schutz… calls a person's "bank of knowledge" exam
Working assumptions:
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